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Your Project Step by Step


Initializing you ceiling


Anything you are familiar to?

  • Your ceiling presents level differences;

  • your ceiling has hollows and bumps

  • your ceiling has cracks, stains, peels of paint

  • your ceiling has mold due to humidity

Ask Us! We have the solutions for all this problems!


Your Project

Visit of our representative to define and study your project.



Design of your ceiling by our professional within the needs of your project.


The measurements

Our representative will take all the appropriate measurements needed for your designed ceiling.



Your ceiling will be custom made up to the exact measurements by manufacturer.


Installation of the Stretch Ceiling

Appropriate track will be fixed to the perimeter walls as well as all accessories and lightning  and stretch sheet will be tightened into the track under the heat.


Finally you will enjoy the look of your new ceiling the years to come without worries!




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