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Services include:


  • Dry-lining (dot and dab/ joint and tape)
  • Dry wall partitioning systems
  • Suspended ceiling design and construction

Ceiling Design and Construction


Plasterboard and metal stud system gives nowadays unbeatable counts of technical solutions and design ideas that we are bringing into the residential and commercial building and property renovation market and our professionalism and experience let us create absolutely everything within our customers tastes and preferences:


We specialize in ceiling design and construction and can offer to our customers to choose the ceiling they will be proud of:


  • For more conservative customers we are offering Conventional/ Classic ceilings – flat ceilings.


  • For customers with acceptance of modern solutions we are offering Multi levelled ceiling – ceilings with more than just 1 level.


  • For appreciators of creativity we are offering Creative shapes - circles, squares, triangles, flowers, leaves, sun...

  • Curved ceilings as arches and waves in different dimensions with art work on them for artful customers


  • Plastering/ Re-plastering


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