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Stretch Ceiling design and Installation

Stretch ceiling system and materials

Stretch ceiling is a ceiling system that consists of two basic components - a concealed aluminum or plastic track and lightweight, fully recyclable vinyl membrane which is tightened under effect of heat and clips into the track. The tracks can be demountable or permanently attached; the membrane is always removable in either configuration.  Stretch ceiling materials correspond to the international and UK requirements of ecology and fire safety.

        Stretch ceilings offer huge potential to all ceiling applications. With our extensive range of colour choices, textures and ability to form shapes you have an opportunity to create 3 dimensional ceiling designs as well as conventional flat designs.


Stretch ceiling system finishes
         Available in matte, satin, lacquered (reflective), metallic, translucent and perforated finishes. There are over 100 colors to choose from.

Translucent texture provides fantastic design possibilities creating bright white or colorful lighting effects. Translucent membrane is an excellent material for ceiling illumination projects; offering back-lighting, front or rear projection for any room.

Lacquered texture is the most popular option for kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom ceilings, it makes any room appear larger then it actually is by creating a perception that the roof is higher. 

Satin and matte textures are typically used for classic and interior looks and are great for living room and dining room ceilings.

Metallic and perforated textures implemented for high-tech designs can be used anywhere within your home or apartment ceilings to achieve special effects.

Additionally the membrane could be printed for company logos, photos and a variety of art works.

All types of integrated elements can be mounted in the stretch ceiling: lighting, fire alarms, smoke detectors, extractor fans, surveillance cameras, safety signs and etc.



Stretch ceiling will hide defects produced by ceiling or wall contractors and will enhance your sound and thermo insulation, will last for many years without fading, peeling or cracking. Our residential ceiling system does not create condensation, does not absorb smells, it is easily demountable, washable, non-toxic and non-allergic, and by its nature anti-static and does not attract dust.


Benefits and considerations of stretch ceiling system
Stretch ceilings are fast to install, create uniquely beautiful interiors and do not generate any kind of mess during installation. The outcome of the finished stretch ceiling cannot even be compared! It gives the finest look that cannot be achieved with any other ceiling systems. Besides, the ceiling is covered by a 10 year manufacturer warranty and realistically will last decades after its warranty period.


The stretch ceiling system is fast to create and can update and refresh the interior of a commercial or residential location. The special use of our ceiling system emerges when furnishing residential houses, prestigious office premises, banks, hotels, spa's and swimming pools, restaurants, shops, theaters, and museums.

Designs we offer are ranged from simple to difficult:

  • Conventional flat ceiling

  • Multi - levels ceiling

  • Shapes as square, circle, triangle, wave, shelter etc.

  • 3D waves, 3D zigzag, 3D curves

  • Combination ceiling (mix of textures)

  • Back - lit ceilings (ceiling with back light)

  • Printed ceilings

  • Star Sky New!

All our designs are very individual and without any restriction to your imagination!

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